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The Various Types Of Automated Gates

There are many different types of automated gates in Milton Keynes which can be designed and installed. To begin with, gates can be hinged (or swing gates as they are sometimes known), sliding, or cantilevered. The amount of space available will, to some extent, determine what type of gate can be used since there may not be sufficient runback for a sliding or cantilevered gate, and so a swing gate is the only possible alternative.

An automatic sliding gate is often chosen where high security is required since it can be opened and closed from a remote location, such as inside a building within the grounds, or could be operated by some form of remote control system such as a mobile phone.

A tracked gate has wheels on the bottom of the gate and these run along a track beneath it. It can work very well, and is a suitable option where wide access is needed up to and beyond 75 feet. This type of gate is simple to install and is easy to service. A cantilever gate does not need a track since it operates by having an extra part of the gate to that which actually spans the access area and the whole gate is suspended on to a run back track.

If there is not sufficient room for a run back for a sliding or cantilevered gate, which is very often the case, then a hinged gate will be needed. Usually, these are worm-drive operated where a trolley within the arm is driven to pull the gates open and closed again. They can be driven by hydraulic power or they can be electro-mechanical, but the angle at which the gate arms are installed is critical. Hydraulic motors are better for heavy gates or very large gates, but they have a tendency to require more maintenance than an electro-mechanical gate.

Safety edges are used on automatic gates in order to minimise the possibility of injury from a gate that is closing if an animal or individual should happen to come into contact with it. These can be used in conjunction with an infra-red photo electric beam which can also stop the gate if movement is detected and the beam is broken.

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