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Is A Security Shutter Ever 100% Secure?


In order to answer that question briefly, it is a resounding “NO”!

There is nothing that is 100% secure from a criminal with sufficient time and the right equipment to break into your premises. You only have to look at the Hatton Garden jewel robbery of Easter 2015 to realise that nothing is 100% secure. Those thieves got away with £14 million pounds worth of goods, of which £5.7 million is still floating around somewhere in the world. The point is that they had one thing on their side and that was TIME.

So while security shutters are never 100% secure, the thing that they can do is to buy you time. A thief armed with an angle grinder may well be able to cut through your security shutters, but it could take him an hour or more to do so: if we make it as difficult as possible he will very likely try his luck elsewhere.

This is why security shutters Milton Keynes are so important as a line of defence. However, there are different types of security shutter or roller shutter.

Roller shutters for doors and windows are an excellent way of preventing damage from rain, wind, hail, or snow, in addition to the fact that they help prevent crime or vandalism. They can also act as another form of heat insulation. In fact, insulated roller shutters also help to reduce noise in areas of busy traffic.

A basic steel shutter does actually offer protection from low level crime and people without any knowledge, but it does have some weak points. For greater security you can have a steel shutter with locking devices built into it which helps to prevent the weak points from being attacked.

Best of all, though, is a high spec steel roller shutter that works in combination with other security. With the best will in the world, we have agreed that a criminal armed with an angle grinder and an uninterrupted hour or so can get through almost anything, so we need to deprive him of the TIME that he needs.

By combining other security with the shutter we can make life considerably more difficult for the criminal. Adding CCTV and night vision cameras, together with alarms and automatic security lighting which detects movement will deny the criminal the time that he needs and keep your premises that much more secure. Depending on your premises, you could also consider having guard dogs patrolling free at night.

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