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Garden Gates And Wooden Gates Designed Especially For You

Entrance gates of any description have two main functions, the first of which is to present a barrier to intruders. This barrier can be to make it as difficult as possible to climb or force open, or it can be more of a psychological barrier such as found in garden gates Milton Keynes. A small garden gate to a path leading to the front door is really not a problem for anyone to open, or if locked climb over, but if there is no gate at all there are some people who will enter your garden and wander around just out of curiosity if nothing else. So even a small garden gate is an essential.

We design and build many wooden gates Milton Keynes, often for small gardens, but also for places like farms, large gardens open to the public, parks, and other places where metal gates may look out of place. That said, if you have a large driveway you may want large metal gates and we can produce a gate in any type of design that you wish, from the plain and simple to the very intricate. Every gate that we produce is a one-off because no two entrances are identical, and you can let your imagination run wild. If you can think of it, TME Fabrications can build it.

Gates can be hinged or they can slide open on rollers. Any gates can be manually operated, or they can be automated. So you could have very decorative gates for your driveway which could be opened by your mobile phone from inside your home if you wish. Gates can be provided with an intercom so that visitors have to announce their presence before you decide whether or not to let them in. This is a useful feature on somewhere like an industrial estate where you may not want to employ a security guard full time just to look after the entrance.

Gates can be fitted with CCTV so that you can see visitors from inside your home or office building. They can also be fitted with an underground sensor wo that they open automatically as you leave your premises in your car, or visiting delivery drivers do so, and they will then close automatically after the vehicle has left.

As we said above, as far as gates are concerned if you can think of it TME can build it.

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